Verbal Humiliation

Remember-humiliation is a love/hate fetish. Some people love to feel like a loser but others just can’t take it. So play safe and have fun.

In an online BDSM relationship, it is very likely that during long IM chats you will not always want to talk about sexual things, or anything kinky. Why would you? In a real life relationship, even a very kinky one, for the majority of the time you would act like every other vanilla relationship. I would imagine even online you will discuss the usual stuff, like family, careers etc… loser-verbal humiliation slave humiliation erotic humiliationHowever, this isn’t a vanilla relationship is it? You want your slave to know he is submissive to you at all times, even if the current conversation is very plain. A good way to reinforce this submission is a little verbal humiliation.

What do you call your slave? If it is by his first name you may want to rethink this. If you assign your slave a humiliating name it will reinforce his submission. Here is a list of very humiliating names you may like to use (or be called):

  • sissy
  • wimp
  • fag
  • gimp
  • piggy (pig,piglet etc)
  • bitch
  • slut
  • doggy
  • whore
  • subbie

(deliberately kept in lower case) You should also have your slave refer to himself like so, “this sissy is sorry”.

After assigning slave a humiliating name you can also verbally berate him by making fun of his appearance or personality. This could be particularly effective if a slave had just opened up to you with one of his deepest fantasies. Imagine if he had a forced-bi fantasy, and you called him a fag or gay boy because of it, this is deeply humiliating. Or if he had a  chastity fantasy and you called him a loser who wasn’t a real man. That would rose up his cheeks. Lastly, if he is a little pudgy you could really humiliate him. Not many men like being called a tubster, especially by a women they are sexually attracted to.

What is the point in verbal humiliation?

Some dominant women find it funny and some guys love it. That’s really the only reason to use verbal humiliation.

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