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Sometimes I wonder if the makers of Teamviewer know what the kinkier side of the population use their wonderful piece of software for. They must have a damn good idea considering the amount of people who search google for ‘Teamviewer Mistress’ and ‘Teamviewer Slave’ each month. That is 1000 and 1300 respectively. Incase you are still unaware of what Teamviewer is; it is a screen sharing application which allows someone to control another’s computer screen remotely. Thus with the correct knowledge of the software  a dominant Mistress can inflict some serious control over her slave’s life.

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 Useful Features for a Teamviewer Mistress

Disable Remote Input

This nifty little feature is one of the first things you should activate when you take control of a slave’s computer. It allows you to stop your slave moving his mouse or having any input control of his computer. This means the only thing he can do to stop you is turn his computer off or cut the internet off thus wasting his and your time (which he is probably paying a premium for).


If you are feeling particularly mean and want to see your slave to sweat then turn on blackscreen. You probably have a pretty good idea what this feature does given its name. It turns their screen black.

Teamviewer mistress, teamviewer princess, teamviewer slave


What can a Teamviewer Mistress do

Go shopping on your slaves dime

I believe the law is a little shaky on this one. To make sure you are always safe, try and stick to Amazon wishlist items and always allow your slave to click the buy button.

Just chat & watch what they do

It’s tame, boring and only pussies would ask for it.

Browse files and snoop around

Perfect for new subs and Mistresses alike. You don’t take or delete any files but you have full access to anything you want. Perhaps he has some embarrassing photos or a filthy internet history.

Make personalisation changes

Change the desktop background and mess with mouse sensitivity (annoying as shit). You can also change up the colour schemes. Blackscreen him (so he doesn’t know you changed it) and make his screensaver something embarrassing such as gay porn.

Delete and transfer files

Move his pictures over to your computer (easily done). It is always some good ammo for consensual blackmail. Perhaps you could delete some important unread emails, demolish his iTunes library (I would hate you lol) or just cause all out havoc.

Install a web filter

K9 Web Protection is a fantastic web filter designed to keep children safe on the internet. If a Teamviewer Mistress installs this on a slave’s computer, they can put restrictions on internet access. If they want to watch some porn they have to beg for permission. It is a beautiful tool for a findom.

Teamviewer Mistress, Teamviewer slave

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Take over the admin account

Take over the admin account on YOUR computer and resign your slave to a limited/restricted account. This has all the benefits of a web filter but with even more restrictions. For example, if your slave is on a Mac you can completely ban iTunes. Also, this is my favourite, you can restrict access to the entire computer between certain hours. Effectively imposing a bed time. A most brilliant punishment.

Install a payment enforcer

Have you ever been to an internet cafe and paid for a lot of time on the computer. Imagine a piece of software which meant your slave had to pay you every so often for the privilege of being able to use his YOUR computer. To be honest I am not sure how you would go about doing this but I know it is possible.

payment enforcer for teamviewer mistress & teamviewer slave

Install a keylogger

A keylogger is a piece of software which logs every stroke made on the keyboard. Morally wrong in my opinion but may have uses from a Teamviewer Mistress’ point of view.

Remember if a slave gives you this amount of power over his computer it can backfire if you push him to far, leading him to reformat his hard drive and remove all of your control. That being said, there is so much reciprocal fun which can be had using Teamviewer.

NB Please refrain from posting Teamviewer user id’s and passwords in the comment section. Nobody is going to access your computer (at least not the sort of person you want to go on).

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    love to find keylogger for full control in my pc

    • Anonymous

      Take control of my PC with pics and vids of my unaware wife!!!!

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  • MelAa

    It’s possible to connect an estim device to a computer – use a remote access software to control that… I believe that this is fairly expensive toy to buy (you need the whole estim caboodle plus the means to get it computer controlled) but the opportunities….