Online Punishment

What is an online punishment? Is a hard spanking really a punishment if the slave craves the pain. Spanking is only effective when the slave genuinely hates it. So I believe that it is not possible to use corporal punishment effectively online. I think something as tangible as a spanking should be left to real time play.

punishThat said, if you enjoy watching a slave spank himself over camera, fire away. Its just a humiliating task though and won’t discipline him. Effective punishments are unique to the individual but I will try and give you some ideas.

Online Punishment Ideas

Written Punishments

There is a reason such a boring punishment is used in so many schools across the globe. It is very effective. What I love about this method of punishment is the proof. It is difficult to acquire proof that a punishment has been completed properly over the internet but with written punishments, whether hand written or typed, there is a complete report available to Mistress. I got quite detailed when writing this article so please be sure to check it out. Read More

Corner time

Being sent to the corner to think about what you have done works on a couple of levels. It is a very infantile punishment so comes with a dose of humiliation but any extended periods of time in the corner are excruciatingly boring. For this punishment to work, you have to point your webcam to the punishment corner. You can then be monitored by your Mistress.

Website Restrictions

You can read in depth on how to do this to your slave on the computer control page. If your slave has been masturbating without permission you can ban him from watching pornography. If he hasn’t been paying you the required attention you deserve remove his Youtube and Netflix privileges for a week. He will soon learn. This is a very real punishment. Read More

Impose a Bed Time

This actually requires a little bit of honesty from your slave. There are ways to encourage him to follow your rules though. With a bit of computer control you can effectively ban your slave from using his computer during certain hours. Sure he could always just go and watch television but I like to think there is some mutual respect between both parties. With some honesty a bed time is a very humiliating and effective punishment…

 Punishment Fines

This isn’t for everyone but I feel it has its place. For a financial punishment to work I think there has to be clear guidelines already established between the two parties. For example, there should be a maximum amount that a slave can be fined depending on the offence. I actually like this form of punishment, between two people who have an established trustworthy honest relationship, because it reinforces the slaves submissiveness when forced to pay a fine. An example of a fine would be, for every act of dis respect the slave must pay his Mistress $5. It doesn’t break the bank but it puts him firmly in his place and will definitely make him learn from his mistakes. Read More

Washing your Mouth Out with Soap

The perfect punishment for when your slave uses bad language or speaks out of turn. Have him grab a bar of soap and put on his webcam. Then make him chew down on the soap and scrub his mouth out. Very funny thing to see someone do. It also tastes vile and will soon teach him to watch what he says.

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