Non Life Ruining Blackmail

Consider this an idea for people who want to try blackmail for fun or are beginners.

How many of you love the thought of blackmail? I have an idea which may help some of you enjoy your fantasies for real. I believe the biggest thing which prevents people from trying blackmail is the dirt required to be blackmailed with in the first place. Given the nature of the fetish it is safe to assume that the ‘ammo’ is usually of a sexual nature, such as a naked photo or a cross dressing picture. For most people, public exposure like that, especially to friends and family, would be too much, thus preventing people from trying it. What if you didn’t supply your Mistress with overly sexual images but instead with something embarrassing, which wouldn’t get you fired from your job or send your dad down a path of whisky and regret.

My idea, is for you to film yourself doing something embarrassing, such as picking your nose and eating it.

nose picking

If that got out to friends and family, sure it would be embarrassing and you would get the piss taken out of you but it won’t ruin your life. I actually feel this makes the blackmail more real as no Mistress wants to ruin your life though many will email that video to people.

From the point of view of a Mistress, this probably won’t get him sending you lots of money every week (I hope that isn’t your only aim), however it will help persuade him to complete more humiliating tasks and whatever else you have him do. You can also release the information without feeling guilty.

This might be too tame for some people but the advice I would give to people is don’t run before you can walk. At least try this before sending life altering information across the internet. This way you keep it a fun game which in my opinion is the way it should always be.


  • spike

    i like the idea that a Mistress is blackmailing me.
    Trought teamviewer, she take photo’s/fil me and blackmail me with this….maybe she i will pay after i was blackmailed