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Toilet slavery, I believe is the most humiliating way to debase a slave, right up there with forced feminization in public. I am even a little embarrassed writing ‘human toilet slave’. It’s one of those topics which is just a step too far for most people. There is however a small niche of people who are incredibly turned on by the thought of being used in such a way by their Mistress. Now obviously you can’t incorporate real human toilet slave training into an online relationship but you can use the general idea of toilet slavery as a humiliation tactic. I will start off with the less taboo elements but will cover the extremes as many do enjoy it.


I wanted to add some links to free scat/human toilet porn

Asscat (click on the titles not the pictures to view videos)
Heavy R (also check out the pissing category)

I like this video because its not very extreme and lets you use your imagination

Human toilet ABDL brought to you by HardSexTube


Toilet Restrictions

Toilet slavery can work in a online relationship but the slave must be honest for it to pay off. There is many restrictions you can place upon your slave, such as making him ask for permission to go. No ToiletObviously you cannot be online all the time but this may work by text or email as well. I read somewhere, I would link but I can’t remember, that someone’s online slave had to ask permission whenever they wanted to relieve themselves. If they got no response within 20 minutes then it was considered permissible for him to go. As well as asking for permission, which should often be refused for your amusement, there is other restrictions which can be placed upon slave. Permission to do the toilet may have been granted but is he allowed to go in the actual toilet? You could make him piss in a bottle or a glass, the kitchen sink, make him go in his garden (pictures?), a public toilet (inconvenient) or worst of all in his own pants (which can be done live on webcam).

 Then we start on the more edgy topics so be warned I will get extreme

 Piss Fetish

If you like the thought of your slave completing the most humiliating tasks for you, read on. Remember from the toilet restrictions section where I said you should have your slave piss into a glass.

JUST-DRANK-MY-OWN-PISS-BETTER-DRINK-MY-OWN-PISSWell after you have done that you can have him go a step further. Make him taste it, take a gulp and swallow.I would perhaps let him dilute it the first few times with some water because he will be resistant even if it is a huge fantasy of his, because he wants to feel forced. Eventually, you will have him gulping down pure urine easily, even the strong yellow stuff! That is human toilet training. If drinking down the whiz becomes a little stale perhaps you could mix it up a little by having him pour a glass of piss over his head. Disgusting? Yes, but very funny for many and more importantly incredibly humiliating.

Scat Fetish

Playing with shit is the most degrading thing a person can do. It brings him down to the same level as an animal. Only a lesser evolved being would play with its shit, and your slave. How can you play with scat online? I doubt it will be possible, at least initially, to have your slave just eat it. You could however have him shit on a plate and smell it, really getting his nose in close but not quite touching. This is an excellent one to do on cam and could (perhaps must :P) be combined with pissing in a glass. Make your slave shit himself, then sit in it. Talk on IM all night, knowing your slave is sitting in his own mess. If you ever want him to start eating it then you will need to start slow (remember it isn’t healthy to consume scat so read up on it yourself before taking part in this activity). To start slow, you could have him insert a finger up his ass then clean it with his tongue. Once he is used to this he could try licking a piece of actual shit and finally on to the full monty.

 The Ultimate Humiliating Meal

Its breakfast time and your slave wants a meal.  I always recommend a big breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. Shall we see what is on the menu today?

  •  Cereal
  • Toast
  • Orange Juice

chocolate spread

Nice and healthy, right? Unfortunately your slave is all out of milk, butter and orange juice. So a couple of replacements could be to piss in his cereal. Use some poo as a spread for his toast and he could also fill up his glass with pee. It looks the same colour as oj early in the morning anyway. Well, I hope you enjoy breakfast.

I apologise to any slaves who have read this and since had any of these ideas inflicted upon them by their Mistress.

Remember consuming scat is dangerous and the risk is entirely yours as I don’t recommend it.

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