Computer Control

It is so obvious that in an online power exchange relationship that the dominant party should have some control over their slaves computer. What level of control depends on the trust and strength of each relationship.

Please note, I am aware that software like Teamviewer is abused by ‘findoms’ for financial gain. That is not what I am talking about here. If you are interested in paying too have your computer destroyed and invaded by a stranger, I won’t judge you but please think it through (jerk off) and consider the consequences. 

Teamviewer (remote sharing)

Teamviewer is a remote sharing application. It allows people too share a computer screen from anywhere in the world.

teamviewer mistress computer control remote

It is essential too computer control. There is other sites such as which offer the same service but do not require a download. The dominant can go on your computer and restrict your access. This is true domination online. It is possible for a Mistress to ban her slave from watching Youtube videos as a punishment. She can control the hours he spends online. This enables her to give slave a bed time.

Setting up Parental Controls

Once you have access to your slaves computer you can enable parental controls. You will need to know the admin password to the computer or have it removed. I recommend enforcing a restricted account onto your slave rather than downloading lots of software which will slow down the computer. To do this, you have to claim the administration account. padlock computer control remoteYou do this by creating a password for the account but not telling your slave what it is. You can then create a restricted/limited user for your slave. (as an added bonus you can give your slave a really long humiliating login password which he will need to remember). Regardless of the operating system, setting up parental controls should be fairly straight forward from here. If your slave uses a mac, you can even restrict use of the computer to certain hours and ban applications like iTunes. It may also be necessary to add further restrictive tools to the computer such as a web filter (built in parental controls are not the most effective). The best web filter is with out a doubt K9 Web Protection. It is completely free to use.

Computer Control-No Remote Access

If you are not willing to go on teamviewer with your Mistress. Which is understandable as not many people want to share everything on their computer. There is a program called SafeEyes. It is a web filter which can be controlled remotely. Most filters like K9 Web Protection require access to the computer for changes to be made. SafeEyes can be controlled from an administration panel in your eyes computer control remote

Too try this out, download the 14 day free trial

Follow the setup instructions and install the software. After it is installed give, the login details to your Mistress or Master. She can then change them after she logs in remotely from here: She can now control your use of the web for at least 14 days. It is incredibly difficult to remove this software without the uninstall key. The only method I can think of is to re format your hard drive. So be sure before you hand over your password.

Warning-This software slowed my computer down when I trialled it. So if you are using an old or low performance computer I would advise against using this.

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